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1 Support

1.1 Support structure

ProSim737 support structure is using the following route:

  1. User Manual
  2. User Forum
  3. Support Mail

First step is to use the user manual as the main source of information necessary to setup the cockpit. If the answer can’t be found in the user manual the next source of information will be the forum. In the user forum an enormous amount of questions and answers is available. Next to current answers you can ask new questions in the specific forum topics. ProSim737 community is active to support all the questions regarding the ProSim737 Suite. Last option is support mail. If no answer can be found the last source of information can be obtained via a mail support. For effective communication include a logic question including reference of hardware if there is hardware connected. A mail should contain a description of the problem and a reference of what you had expected.

1.2 Frequently Asked Questions