Installation Prerequisites

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1 Installation Prerequisites

1.1 Minimum computer hardware requirements

The ProSim737 Suite is not demanding on hardware, however the following items should be adhered to.

  • ProSim737 System
    The recommended setup for a simulator is to run ProSim737 System on the same machine as the Simulator Platform. For optimal performance, a fast quad core processor is recommended. Typically, on a computer with i7 processor, the CPU load of ProSim737 System is less than 2%.
  • ProSim737 MCP
    The recommended setup is to run ProSim737 MCP on the Primary Computer. No specific computer hardware specifications required.
  • ProSim737 Display
    To run ProSim737 Display it is recommended to use a Secondary Computer. Each physical MIP monitor requires an instance of ProSim737 Display to be running. Within one simulator ProSim737 Display modules may be run from multiple computers.
    ProSim737 Display is the most demanding module. This relies mainly on the computer CPU and memory, it does not use video hardware acceleration.
  • ProSim737 CDU
    Each hardware CDU in the simulator requires one instance of ProSim737 CDU to be run. No specific computer hardware specifications required.
  • ProSim737 Panel
    No specific computer hardware specifications required.
  • ProSim737 Audio
    No specific computer hardware specifications required.

1.2 Software requirements

1.2.1 Operating system requirements

All computers should at least run on Windows Vista but Windows 7 or 8 are preferred. Always make sure the latest Windows service pack has been installed on the computers.

1.2.2 .Net framework

An additional requirement is the availability of the Microsoft® .Net 4.6 runtime software which is available from the Microsoft® website (

1.2.3 VC++ Redistributables

32 bits:

64 bits:

1.2.4 Simulator Platform - Microsoft® Flight Simulator™

The preferred version of Microsoft® Flight Simulator™ is version 10 (FSX). Microsoft® Flight Simulator™ version 9 (FS2004) is also compatible but to a slightly less sophisticated level due to technical limitations.

1.2.5 Simulator Platform - Lockheed Martin Prepar3D®

The preferred version of Lockheed Martin Prepar3D® was 2.5 at the time this manual was published.

1.2.6 Simulator Platform - Laminar Research X-Plane

Both the 32 and 64 bits versions of X-Plane 10 are compatible with ProSim737.

1.2.7 FSUIPC

For simulators based on Microsoft® Flight Simulator™ 9 (FSUIPC version 3), 10 and Lockheed Martin Prepar3D® (FSUIPC version 4), a registered version of FSUIPC is required.

1.2.8 SimConnect

For simulators based on Microsoft® Flight Simulator™ 10 and Lockheed Martin Prepar3D®, SimConnect required.

1.2.9 ProSim737 Plugin for X-Plane

For simulators based on Laminar Research X-Plane the ProSim737 Plugin for X-Plane is required.

1.3 Required user rights

To install and run the ProSim737 software, administrator rights on all computer systems are required.