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1 General information

ProSim supports both USB and LAN versions of the PoKeys card.

PoKeys drivers need to be installed first, please refer to the manual.


  • In ProSim737 System->Config->Configuration->Drivers enable the option "Pokeys USB and ethernet support"
  • Restart ProSim737
  • All connected devices should be listed in the main ProSim737 System window in the "IO Modules" field


  • Autoconfigure cards (enabled by default) - because each port on the PoKeys card is multifunctional, it needs to be defined whether it's input or output pin. This could be done automatically by ProSim according to the assignments (in this case leave this option enabled) or manually using PoKeys configuration software (disable this option).
  • Use fast interface if available (enabled by default) - if enabled, ProSim will use the BULK USB instead of a HID device. A specific driver from PoKeys is required. Disable only when experiencing issues with stability
  • Poller Enabled (enabled by default) - only relevant for PoKeys USB - The poller is the automatic detection of PoKeys USB cards. If disabled, ProSim will detect cards only during start up. If a PoKeys card is

removed / added when ProSim is already running, ProSim will not detect it. When this option is enabled, ProSim scans for new cards in regular interval. This option should be disabled after the configuration is finished.

  • Log - enabled the PoKeys library log entries to be available in ProSim Log to help debug any pokeys related issue.
  • Process ethernet cards in the background - Background processing of ethernet PoKeys cards is available to prevent network delay from affecting ProSim performance. Leave this off unless experiencing performance degradation in the PoKeys driver
  • UDP mode (enabled by default) - use UDP protocol instead of TCP. UDP is faster than TCP but less reliable as there are no data integrity checks.

4 Supported generic hardware

  • PoKeys57E (ethernet)
  • PoKeys57U (USB)

4.1 Digital inputs

  • See General configuration
  • Assign in ProSim737 System->Config->Configuration->Combined Config

4.2 Digital outputs

  • See General configuration
  • Assign using the output finder in ProSim737 System->Config->Configuration->Combined Config

4.3 Analog inputs

  • See General configuration
  • Assign and calibrated in ProSim737 System->Config->Configuration->Combined Config

5 Troubleshooting