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1 General information

Flight Illusion gauges are internally identified by an ID. Most overhead gauges and standby gauges come with the correct ID’s set. Some gauges however will have their default value of ‘255’ and need to be setup correctly before ProSim recognise them. The gauge ID’s can be changed with the Flight Illusion GStep software. Refer to the documentation of Flight Illusion for details.

NOTE: If ProSim is programmed to control the Flight Illusion Gauges, do not use the Flight Illusion GStep software.

2 Supported specific hardware


  • In ProSim737 System->Config->Configuration->Drivers and in the field "Flight Illusion support" select the correct COM port used by the GSA-055 central interface.
  • If more GSA-055 interface boards are connected, you can simply add another one by clicking on the "+" button
  • Restart ProSim737

Below are the assumed ID’s that ProSim uses for the Flight Illusion gauges.

Gauge Location ID
APU EGT Forward Overhead 180
Cabin Pressure Forward Overhead 182
Bleed Air Pressure Forward Overhead 183
Oxygen Pressure Aft Overhead 186
Fuel Temperature Forward Overhead 184
Cabin Temperature Forward Overhead 185
- - -
Standby Airspeed (with barberpole) Main Instrument Panel 100
Standby Altimeter Main Instrument Panel 101
Standby Airspeed Main Instrument Panel 102
Standby attitude (artificial horizon) Main Instrument Panel 103
Clock 1 Main Instrument Panel 104
Clock 2 Main Instrument Panel 204
Wet Compass Main Instrument Panel 105
Flaps Indicator Main Instrument Panel 106
Yaw damper Main Instrument Panel 107
Brake Pressure Main Instrument Panel 160
Standby Speed/Alt (GSA-SBI-P) Main Instrument Panel 254

Additional advanced button is used for the GSA-SBI-P standby Speed/Alt. When using the Speed/Alt combi the advanced button is used to select either altitude only or the speed and altitude combi.

2.2 Gauge configuration and calibration

  • Make sure the ID's are set correctly according to the table above (see the General Information section of this page)
  • APU EGT overhead gauge is used as an example in this manual, but the steps below needs to be done for each connected gauge
  • Go to ProSim737 System->Config->Combined config->Electric->Gauge->APU
  1. Select "Flight Illusion" from the first drop down menu
  2. Select "APU EGT [180]" from the second drop down menu
  3. Now perform the gauge calibration - move each slider and match the position of the gauge pointer with the value at the slider
  4. In this example, there are 3 sliders - 0, 1000, 1100 - so move the first slider until the gauge pointer is pointing to 0 as well, move the second slider until the gauge pointer is pointing to 1000...
  5. Click OK to save the configuration

3 Troubleshooting