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1 ProSim737 Display

1.1 Modularity

The ProSim737 Display module indicates functioning images on the MIP Display Units in the cockpit.

These sizeable images can be configured according to the preferred layout by drag and drop within minutes.

Not only does the ProSim737 Display module support all cockpit displays, it also contains a number of realistic photographic standby instruments.

1.2 Module instances and directory names

For each physical monitor in the simulator one separate instance of ProSim737 Display is needed.

The separate instances should be executed from separate directories. Therefore, copy the ProSim737 Display directory as often as needed and give it a descriptive name, for instance:


Only change the directory name, never (!) change the name of the executable.

1.3 Configuring the displays

Open ProSim737 Display.

For the ease of configuration, it’s recommended to configure the layout, position and size of the displays before entering the IP address of ProSim737 System. If already connected, with no AC power some displays (lower EICAS or F/O DUs will be black), so you'll need to select Ground Power in the IOS and set the overhead Ground Power switch to on. If no hardware overhead is present, use ProSim737 Panel and select Ground power switch.

When ground power is selected all DU will be visible. Hit F12 to enter the display setup mode. The Display setup mode is only used during configuration, not for normal operation. In Display setup mode, a blue background color is shown, when selecting F12 once more display background color changes back to black.

In display setup mode, screen elements can be added or removed. They can also be moved by dragging with the mouse, the size can be adjusted by using the mouse scroll wheel or numeric + and - keys (see below).

Remove a displayed element by right clicking and selecting the ‘remove ….(name of the display)’.

Adding a display element is done by select right mouse click > displays.

When the display is correctly configured, close the configuration mode by selecting F12 again in order to save the settings.

Enter the IP address of the primary computer in the configuration.

To check if the program is successfully connected, right click somewhere in the window and check the status label. If it is green, the connection is successful. If the label is red, then there is a connection issue.

Several configuration options are available, mainly with regard to performance, open ProSim737 Display->Config.

General Options are options for higher graphical quality, these can be selected based on the computer performance.

Standby instruments are offered with or without frames around them and as photorealistic.

Interface stay on top is used to keep the ProSim737 user interface visible.

Tuning allows to adjust the data rate and frame rates. Default data rate is 10, default frame rate is 30.

Multicore optimization is used to increase the display performance.

Use Direct2D - Enables Direct2D mode to make use of GPU to render displays.

Force Software Mode - not recommended, switches all the rendering to CPU instead of trying to use GPU. Can help with buggy drivers, burned out GPUs and such.

High Quality Bitmaps - recommended, better quality bitmap resizing. Can affect performance (that's why it's opt-in). Affects weather radar, ground radar, panels.

Disable ClearType - recommended, initially - font rendering experiment. ClearType can cause issues sometimes, besides that, it should not really works with Direct2D on Win8 and newer.

Experimental Outlines - Recommended but feedback is welcome. It's a different text outlining method which makes a thicker outline for bigger fonts and thinner for smaller ones, on top of that outline is semi-transparent instead of opaque with the traditional outlining method.

Show load in title bar is used to constantly display the display load parameters in the Windows title bar.

‘Allow remote computer shutdown’ is used to remotely shut the computer down using the IOS.

When closing, ProSim737 Display automatically all setting is saved. The information is all stored in a file called config.xml

1.4 Keyboard control

Key(s) Action
Cursor keys Move the screen
Shift + Cursor keys Quickly move the screen
Numpad +/- Adjust size of screen
Shift + Numpad +/- Quickly adjust size of screen
[ / ] (bracket keys) Adjust only the width of the screen
Shift + [ / ] (bracket keys) Quickly adjust only the width of the screen
* Reset Height/Width of screen to Square
TAB Select next screen

1.5 Mouse control

Mouse Action
Left click on screen Select screen (green circle indicates)
Right click on screen Select screen and pop-up configuration menu
Press left mouse button and move Move the screen
Roll scroll wheel Adjust size of screen