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1 ProSim737 Audio

1.1 Introduction

The ProSim737 Audio module is managing all in-cockpit sounds. Environmental audio for example engine sounds, are created by the back end simulator and the ProSim Flight Model.

The first step is to configure the network settings.

When the ProSim737 Audio module is connected you can use the available cockpit audio sounds. The different sounds can be turned on or off and the individual volume can be adjusted.

For audio channel separation multiple instances of ProSim737 Audio can be used across multiple computers. No more than one instance of ProSim737 Audio is used per computer.

Volume control can be adjusted by changing the volume value, default 100(%) is selected. To lower the specific sound change a different value, for example 70%.

1.2 Additional sounds

Sounds are added following these steps:

Add the audio file to ProSim737 System.

  1. Open ProSim737 System and select the Audio Addons option:
  2. ProSim737 System > config > Audio Addons
  3. It is recommended to create a specific folder to store the addon audio files.
  4. Create a unique name, select the audio file source, when required add a fade in and fade out sound, select if the sound should be played once or continuously and if required select the auto fade option.
  5. For this example the addon sound is saved as “Test Audio”.
  6. Restart ProSim737 System.

Select a function for the addon audio.

  1. Open ProSim737 System > Config > Configuration > Combined Config
  2. Search for the addon audio “Audio Addon” Select [Gate].
  3. Select the appropriate situation.
  4. Restart ProSim737 System.

Test the sound in ProSim737 Audio

  1. Open ProSim737 Audio.
  2. The newly added sound is visible in the list.

1.3 Intercom

In ProSim737 2.04b7 and higher a software intercom system is included. It is a low latency, low bandwidth client-server system. It uses ProSim737 System as server and ProSim737 Audio instances as clients.

Note that some ASPs on the market have limited functionality, so if your hardware does not have a functional SPKR knob, the SPKR output will not work.

For each ASP, you will need one ProSim737 Audio instance running. It can be combined with any already existing instance.

No action/configuration in ProSim737 System is required.

Configuration of ProSim737 Audio:

  1. Select intercom channel - you need to select which position each instance will handle. Capt, FO or OBS. NAV audio is also required to be selected on the same channel
  2. Open the ProSim737 Audio Confoiguration and select audio devices for input and output elements